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Intelligent IT Solutions and Services

Our Services

Download a summary of the support and managed services we offer.

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Doing the basics well


Email and telephony... the essentials without which no business can function. Whether you have simple or sophisticated requirements,

  • We provide a cost-effective standards-based solution.

  • We install it on your premises or hosted in the cloud.

All to help your staff work more easily, at home or on the move.

Improving your setup


Servers, networks, computers...

We help you modernise the way you use technology.

  • We supply high-quality servers, PCs and network equipment.

  • We connect it to the best internet services.

  • We secure it with leading protection software and have it fully backed up offsite.

Helping it run smoothly


Remote and onsite help...

We are on hand to help with daily computing niggles, or provide you with advice on best practice, e.g. for disaster recovery.

  • A simple retainer plan to minimise costs, or

  • An all-inclusive support contract.

We have an arrangement to suit you; a virtual IT department.

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